Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Kid’s Day - July 30

You know how every year we have a Member's Appreciation Weekend that is so fun, but no kids come? Well, this year, in addition to that marvelous party, we will have a Kid's Weekend! The weekend of July 30, we will have all kinds of kids in attendance and things for those kids to do in addition to swimming, wallowing in mud, chasing damselflies, diving for gnome stones, and worshipping the fireflies. We'll have scavenger hunts, astronomy discussions, bat activities, face painting, hat building, t-shirt designing, cooking, music, circus skills, art projects, talent shows – all kinds of fabulous things just for kids – kids of all ages. There will be no shushing of kids that weekend! Parents, come with your kids and with ideas and materials for cool things to do. If it takes preparation email Cherrye at . Remember, even on Kids' Weekend, kids need to be accompanied by adults. Always make sure your kids are safe, they are ever so precious!

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