Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Waste Water Treatment Plant Update

Wastewater Infiltrator Wastewater Infiltrator Doug Bishop

This project is going well. The crew is top-notch. The noise isn’t too disruptive, though the late sleepers might disagree with that statement. We have given the contractor the green light to move along at the pace that works well for them. Thank you for your patience as we upgrade this necessary infrastructure. As of March 29: the 22,000 gallon tank is set and bedded. Ten of twenty infiltrator galleries have been dug, infiltrators installed and the first covering of dirt has been replaced. The next week should see the rest of the twenty courses finished. There will be some details like setting up the pump, the controls, and the monitoring system. Inspections and sign-offs from the designer and state will also need to be done. We are anticipating having the new system on-line by mid-April (knock on wood).

WWTP Progress - Doug Bishop WWTP Progress - Doug Bishop WWTP Progress - Doug Bishop

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