Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Denver Art Society Party

OLT Booth at Denver Art Society OLT Booth at Denver Art Society

Friday night, April 24, 2015, there was a party at the Denver Art Society at Seventh and Sante Fe in Denver. The space that we had was big, had scuffed hardwood floors, and high ceilings with old tin panels. The walls were covered with the works of the artists whose studios are at the Denver Art Society. There was beer on tap, generously provided by Renegade Brewery of Denver. My favorite was the Coffee Oatmeal dark beer, although the pale ale was also very good. There was wine provided by Vino Salida; two reds, a rose, and a chardonnay. We also had a table laden with food, some from the Ethiopian Restaurant next door and some vegetable trays and chips with salsa and guacamole. Caravan X, a band from Salida provided some great music. We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with artists, pedestrians passing by, as well as familiar faces from Valley View. Thanks to everyone who ventured out into the Friday night traffic to spend some time celebrating the completion of the big project and enjoying the artwork of the Denver Art Society.

OLT would like to give many thanks to the generous people and organizations that participated. Special hats off to: Renegade Brewery and Laura Vande Zande, Ambassador of Beer Enjoyment, Vino Salida and their delicious wines, Caravan X for great music and good humor, and the Denver Art Society for the venue and the prolific, stimulating, and intriguing art work that gave the room such a creative flair. Attendance at this fun event was less than hoped, but it was a great OLT “community builder!” Thanks again to all those OLT members who did come!

Packing Tape Scuptures at Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop OLT Booth at Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop Board Member, Mike Blevins at Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop Volunteer, Jane Jolley at Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop Renegade Booth at Denver Art Society 2015 - Doug Bishop Hanna Ranch Documentary by ScSEED - Julie Mach

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