Friday, September 11th, 2015

Second Annual Fundraising Dinner - Denver, Oct 9th

Remember to RSVP for the Second Annual Dinner in South Denver. Dinner is $35.00 per person. We are raising money to pay off the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Thank You for all your help! The system cost $180,000, which is what we were asking for last year. We only had to borrow $100,000 and we made the first payment of $30,754.84 in September. That means there is only $69,245.16 left and we're done! There are still spaces remaining.


Please join us and donate to help complete the campaign this year!

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Orient Land Trust is a nonprofit land trust
dedicated to the preservation of Valley View Hot Springs (VVHS) and its viewshed—
including natural and biologic resources, agricultural lands, wildlife habitat,
open space, and historic and geologic features of the northern San Luis Valley—
for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.