Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Dinner in Denver

October 9 we held the dinner at the Radisson in southeast Denver. There were about a 115 people in attendance and we raised nearly $20,000 with more pledges yet to arrive. Kirk Navo and Jay Sims both had informative presentations. Doug Bishop showed some pictures of the programs that OLT has been conducting.

This event gave us a chance to say a great big "Thank You!" to all the generous people that have helped us with the expenses of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. It is difficult to convey how grateful we are for all the help. We can't say Thank You often enough.

Rio Grand Rift from Above - Doug Bishop (Terry's mom), Fay (Roy's wife), Terry Seitz, and Roy Everson, 1977 - Teresa Seitz Bat Outflight at Sunset - Phil Mainelli Dr. Rocks, Jim McCalpine at the Fault Scarp - Teresa Seitz

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