Tuesday, September 13th, 2016


Hayden Pass Wildfire 2016 Hayden Pass Wildfire 2016 David Peake

This year, late August has offered the boon of some significant rainfall. The northern valley had become parched and dusty. The Hayden Pass Fire had lasted for weeks and smoldered along with frequent bursts of activity sending plumes of smoke into the air to the east. The hot springs was not affected very much by the fire. We did have a few afternoons of some smoke drifting into the valley but we were really fortunate that the impact of the fire was not felt here. The rains have dampened the spirits of a few tent campers yet the gift of moisture was much needed and appreciated!

Hayden Pass Wildfire 2016 - Hayden Pass Wildfire 2016 - Hayden Pass Wildfire 2016 - Doug Bishop

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