Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

New Recycling Stations

New Recycling Stations at the Pavilion New Recycling Stations at the Pavilion Rosie Rosenberg

Many thanks to Robin and David from our housekeeping staff for the new upgrades to our recycling centers! New containers that are clearly marked and easy to access are set up at the Welcome Center, the Pavilion, Swimming Pool and Main Parking Area. In addition we've upgraded at Oak House, Sunset House and Spruce Lodge. You can help by separating your recycling, washing and placing it into the correct container. Please keep in mind to pack it in - pack it out if possible. We appreciate if you take your larger items like coolers, broken chairs and tents, floaties and noodles home with you to lessen the impact here at the Land Trust.

Robin & David Recycling - Robin Rosenberg Recycling Center - Robin Rosenberg Recycling at Pavilion - Robin Rosenberg

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