Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Recognize and Respect

Couple enjoying the Top Ponds Couple enjoying the Top Ponds Doug Bates

Recently, the following review appeared on the OLT Facebook page.

I had been coming here for over 10 years. My wife has accompanied me ever since we met, 5 years ago. It is a beautiful place, the bats are amazing, and the staff is friendly and helpful. It was such a special place that I chose to propose to her here two years ago. Important word in that sentence is 'was.' It is no longer a place we can go to relax. The people who now pack in here no longer respect some level of peace and quiet, or personal space. We often feel pushed out of already crowded pools by people who think they can squeeze in just one more, or that join a very serene soak only to spark up a loud conversation. If you expect every moment to be full of socialization, then this is your place. If you want peace and serenity, unfortunately it's not.

This is discouraging. We have long promoted the ideas of Respect, Recognition, and Responsibility. Respect other people and their experience, respect the pools, respect the water, respect the ecosystem. Recognize that not everyone wants the same thing, Recognize the differences. Recognize that some come for quiet, reflection, peace while others come to socialize and make friends. Obviously, the two are not always compatible and it takes some willingness to be sensitive and thoughtful. Be responsible in how you behave and how response-able you are in a variety of situations. Do the dishes - even if they're not your own, pick up the trash - even if you didn't put it there, share the best spots, be aware. Smoking of any substance is allowed only at the Smoke Hut or in your vehicle. Don't force people that don't like smoke to remind you that the pools are smoke free. If you have a beverage, be responsible and careful. Thanks for being considerate and helping create a space in which we all can flourish.

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