Monday, October 15th, 2018

Shared Space

70s Photo of Party Pool 70s Photo of Party Pool Terry Seitz

People sometimes ask, "What's the biggest problem?" While there are not an overwhelming number of disruptions, we do get complaints. Some are about dogs, some are about other people's behaviors that make people uncomfortable, some are about overindulgence or substance abuse. If you follow the thread far enough, the general attitude that generates a specific complaint is usually traced to behavior that is inconsiderate and self-absorbed. Problem people want to do what they want to do and are only marginally aware of how what they do might have an impact on another. While we all cherish the feeling of an unchained experience in nature, this is a shared space. How we share that space determines if it is uplifting, rich, rewarding, and positive - or not. Over the years, we have tried to define what it is that makes for the magic that pleasantly surprises people and motivates them to return. One of the basic, underlying values that contributes to the atmosphere we all appreciate is that we are becoming more skillful at sharing and treating our friends and fellow travelers with respect and tolerance.

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