Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Volunteer for our Annual Weed Pull! Jun 5-6

Volunteer for our Annual Weed Pull! Jun 5-6 Rosie Rosenberg

Every year a devoted group of hardworking volunteers participate in our annual Weed Pull! Volunteers arrive on Tuesday, June 4th to set up camp and enjoy a day of relaxation at Valley View Hot Springs. Workshop begins early on Wednesday, June 5th, meeting at 8 am in front of the main bath house. Volunteers are trained on what invasive weeds we are targeting (Houndstongue, Bull Thistle, and Horehound) and how to mitigate them; then work in teams until noon. The same schedule applies for Thursday, June 6th. Volunteers have the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the springs before departing. Overnight admission passes for the springs and a tent site are included for Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

We are still looking for 8 more volunteers! Email or call 719-256-4315 and ask for Rosie to get signed up.

 - Robin Rosenberg  - Robin Rosenberg Volunteers Pulling Weeds - Robin Rosenberg

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