Monday, August 19th, 2019

Healing Water and Bodywork

Wild Flowers Wild Flowers Anita Poushan


En tus ojos de agua infinita 

se bañan las estrellitas mamá 


Agua de luz, agua de estrellas 

Pachamama vienes del cielo 


Limpia, limpia, limpia corazón, agua brillante 

sana, sana , sana corazón, agua bendita 

calma, calma, calma corazón, agua del cielo, mamá 




In your infinite eyes of water 

the stars are bathing, mother 

water of light, water of stars 

Pachamama you come from the skies 


Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse the heart, brilliant water 

Heal, heal, heal the heart, blessed water 

Calm, calm, calm the heart, water from above, mother

-Spanish medicine song 

The bodywork team at OLT welcomes you and understands that arriving can sometimes be the hardest part. Most visitors are travelling far and wide to rejuvenate in our therapeutic waters. Many come to wash away city traffic and buzz others come to deepen their relationship with nature and some come to cleanse themselves from troubles current and past. The talented group of bodyworkers are here to serve you. Located outside either in the rustic therapy tipi or screened in space above the apple tree ponds our services are complemented by the neighboring running creek, beautiful cactus blooms and baby deer. Please call therapists directly to reserve an appointment and leave our hot springs feeling renewed and refreshed.


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