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Ponds and Pools of Valley View Hot Springs
(New photos coming soon!)

Click a thumbnail picture to enlarge.

"Top Spring"
Summer and Winter


The largest single flow of water, the Top Spring, is located in a narrow steep gulley at 9,000 feet elevation.  The view looks over the San Luis Valley to the La Garita and San Juan Mountains forty miles to the west.  This is the only spring at Orient Land Trust that changes temperature.  At very wet times, usually during the spring from snow melt, the temperature can drop to near 70F.  Occasionally heavy rain in summer will lower the temperature.  After a very long dry period the Top Spring temperature may climb to 105F.  Most of the time it is about 95-98F. A trail about one-quarter mile long climbs 300 feet to the Top Spring


"Soaking Pond"


The largest natural pond, the Soaking Pond is a short walk up-hill. The pond is about three feet deep and the temperature ranges from one end to the other at 94F to 97F. The photo on the right clearly shows the carbon-dioxide bubbles which rise from the gravel bottom.


"Swimming Pool"


The 20' by 80' swimming pool was originally built in the 1920's and rebuilt in 1979. About 400 gallons per minute of 88F water flows through the pool so no chlorine is needed. Restrooms, showers, sauna and hot tub are all nearby.


"Middle Spring" or "Waterfall Pond"
Winter and Summer


A small pond filled from a 99F spring flowing through a pipe overhead as you soak.