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Thursday, 30 July 2020 10:08

Valley View Re-opening August 3rd

Orient Land Trust is reopening Valley View Hot Springs, Monday, August 3, 2020! (Limited capacity, pre-paid reservations required, overnight admissions only) 

There are new office hours.

There will initially be many calls, your patience is greatly appreciated.  We will only be taking reservations for one month out. If you want to reserve a date in September or October, please wait until 30 days before your desired date of arrival to call. 

We are very grateful for your patience and support. Colorado and the rest of the nation continue to struggle with the reality of a dangerous virus and OLT has been cautious. Overly cautious? Some might think so. We are definitely taking extra precautions. We continue to be watchful. Hot Springs are important but not essential. We have implemented many changes that we trust will lower the risks. Not all of the new guidelines are consistent with our traditional community values that have evolved over the years. We all are impatient to return to a more normal life. In the meantime, your cooperation is crucial to our being open. The new guidelines can be accessed here: 

Saturday, 25 July 2020 14:15

Registration and Release

OLT RegistrationOLT Covid-19 Waiver & Release

 (click above for printable PDF form) 


Tuesday, 21 July 2020 09:03

Letter to Members

Dear Members,
As many of you have heard, Orient Land Trust is planning on reopening Valley View Hot Springs in August. We have a few things yet to do to prepare for that day.

Currently our staff is furloughed to save OLT valuable resources during the time of closure. No one is in the office to answer the phone or your emails. We have 4,000 members and I would love to speak to each and every person who calls or writes. You may think your letter will only take a few moments of my time, but multiply that by hundreds and you can see where I am going!
We are preparing, getting things in place, staff will be returning the end of July. Remember we are a small staff with a big job. Here is how you can help us to get the job done so we can welcome you back!

1) BE PROACTIVE! Instead of calling or emailing which requires a person to respond to you, check the web page, Facebook page or our Newsletter for upcoming announcements. There is much information on the web page that will address most questions. If there is not an announcement, you can be assured that we are not ready to put that date out just yet! If you have a question not answered, hold tight and wait until the office is open to ask it.

2) BE PATIENT! Our staff has been out of the office for four and a half months. We will be a little rusty, a little slow. There are new procedures and expectations we will need to share with you. Please think of us, be patient, kind and supportive. We will do the very best we can to make things run smoothly.

3) THINK OF OTHERS FIRST! Keep in mind that we are a small office with limited phone lines and computer stations. There is only so much we can do! We do not have online reservations available at this time. When you call (after the date we open, do not leave a message in advance) leave your name and number, no lengthy dialog please. Leave only one message, we will call you back when we can. If we don't answer the phone during office hours, than all lines are currently busy. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO RING THE PHONE! IT CREATES A GREAT DEAL OF STRESS IN THE OFFICE AND IS NOT HELPFUL.

4) DON'T BE PART OF A TIDAL WAVE! We will only be taking reservations for one month out. If you want to come in September or October, please wait until 30 days before your day of arrival to call and see if we are still open. Do you really need to be the first person back? Can you wait a few days and then call for a reservation? We'll do our best to respond to the needs of our members, but we may not be able to handle the volume of calls. Trust us, we have been working on the best way to this. As much as I appreciate everyone's ideas, thoughts and suggestions, see what we've already got in place. We just do not have the time to speak or write with everyone about every idea at this time. It is not that your ideas are not important; it just requires man-hours and financial expense to respond.

5) BE A GOOD WORLD CITIZEN! Help Colorado get the pandemic under control. Wear a mask, physically distance from others, do what our governor is asking so that our state can continue to reopen the economy and Valley View can stay open. While you are here, masks are required. If you are a non-mask wearer, do not come! I will not be debating in the parking lot with you, you will not be allowed in without a mask.

6) FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We are reopening at a loss of income. Orient Land Trust will lose approximately $20,000 additional dollars per month by opening at a reduced capacity. Yes, we lose more money by reopening than if we reduce expenses and stay closed! We have had to make some tough decisions. The positive side of reopening is that it gives our members the opportunity to come and share in this magical and rejuvenating place and our staff the opportunity to continue working. If you are someone with more resources and you can afford to make additional donations to help cover the loss, it is greatly appreciated.

7) THIS IS A TEST! We are willing to give it a try. We want to retain as much of our culture as possible, but things will be different and we need everyone's cooperation. If it doesn't work, we will close again.
Be an exemplary guest, follow all guidelines, help support the land trust and staff to make this a positive experience for everyone, be patient. If you do not agree, please stay home now and return when things are back to normal!

Look forward to speaking with you in the coming weeks!
Visitor Service Manager


This weekend, the hot springs will not be open so we will not be able to welcome the general public in person. It has been many months since the board members were able to meet in person. The meeting will be available on the internet but the quality of sound may be marginal as we will be physically distanced and wearing masks. 

Join us on Zoom to follow along. If all works as it should, we hope to have an opportunity for the public to ask questions.

Tuesday, 07 July 2020 14:55

Save the Date: Oak House Jam - July 10

Back by popular demand... 

John Standish and Mark Allen are returning to John's home studio for another interactive livestream show. 

Sing, dance, party and support OLT from the comfort 
(and safety) of your home. 

And join us for an ALL REQUEST* 
Virtual OAK HOUSE JAM 2 
with Mark & John 

"I can't wait to get back to normal," is a frequent comment. When OLT reopens to members and guests, it will not be back to normal. There are many additional guidelines that we are considering in the effort to increase safety and protect the health of staff and visitors. These precautions are necessary based on the nature of the coronavirus and the background information from epidemiologists regarding how the virus spreads. Many of the ways of interacting that characterize our past could cause problems. Please return only after considering your ability to follow the new guidelines and be respectful and responsible for your behaviors in minimizing any transmission to yourself or to others. Masks will be required when in proximity to others, even when outdoors. You will not have to wear a mask in the water but recognize that if you are not wearing a mask that the importance of maintaining at least six feet of physical separation becomes even more important. For example, several groups at a time can be in the swimming pool and sunning on the deck so maintaining distance between yourself and other groups in the water is an important part of minimizing the spread of the virus.

Tuesday, 07 July 2020 14:41

Email from Orient Land Trust

Orient Land Trust has a new email distributor. We have found that there are a number of email addresses that are incorrect or no longer used. If you have not heard from OLT in the last month or two, it may be because we do not have your current email address. To update or to add your email to our list please send your email address to...

Sunday, 21 June 2020 11:56

Covid-19 Guidelines

Orient Land Trust is planning to reopen the hot springs later this summer. During this time with significant health risks worldwide, we are instituting reasonable steps to prevent the spread of the virus for visitors to the hot springs. Some of the required preventative measures may seem burdensome to some people while others will appreciate the need for some sensible precautions. Here are some of the new guidelines so that you are informed and can prepare for your next visit.

This is a partial list. We are considering other measures and there will be more detail. It is necessary and intimidating to add so many requirements. We will post more signs (unfortunate, I know) for ready reference as there will be much to remember. OLT employees also have new guidelines to adhere to and we are increasing scheduled staff hours for cleaning and disinfecting frequently throughout the day. The workload for staff is much increased even with fewer guests. Frequently maintaining clean surfaces, handrails, bathrooms, and common areas are labor-intensive. Even so, we cannot guarantee that the environment will be risk-free.

Additional COVID-19 Guidelines (updated)

Additional COVID-19 Guidelines


Orient Land Trust is a charitable non-profit. During normal times at normal capacity, we are able to meet our expenses and put aside a little money for infrastructure projects, land conservation projects, and maintain emergency reserves. Operating below normal capacities does not generate enough revenue to meet expenses. We do not want to increase the rates; some of our guests struggle with the current pricing structure. Please consider extra donations if you are able so that we can keep rates reasonable and not tumble into a deep financial hole.

Thank You!

Sunday, 21 June 2020 08:48

Justice and Equality

George Floyd died in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. We've all seen the video and we all now know his name. Terrible and unnecessary violence like this has happened before but, this time, people are saying, "Enough." A lot of people are saying "Enough". We, the Staff and Board of OLT, feel compelled to speak up as silence is complicit. We add our voice in support of people everywhere who are struggling to end racism and the barbaric treatment of our fellow citizens and co-inhabitants of what could be a more benevolent world.

Can we do better? Yes, we can all do better. We must do better. We will do better. Right now, doing better means many things. They can be simple things. They can be difficult things. Speaking to others about supporting equality, sisterhood and brotherhood, and justice. Committing to treating everyone with respect and, more importantly, listening to others about their own personal experiences of pain and trauma.

Orient Land Trust was established to protect a little patch of land. On that land, there is history, open space, wildlife habitat, miraculous water, and a community. The people of that community come from many places and, while they are here, join together to celebrate nature, the land, the water, and each other. We do not separate ourselves from one another by socio-economic status, skin color, age, or other superficial qualities. Kindness generates more kindness, respect fosters more respect, acting responsibly protects the land, the water, the history, and the people.

With kindness, caring, listening and understanding, we can all help make real change.

Orient Land Trust

Thursday, 04 June 2020 12:33


For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.