Starry Nights

Astronomy Program

Astronomy Hosts share the science and wonder of the night sky with visitors. With our 8” telescope, guests can spot distant galaxies, fascinating stars, as well the rings and moons surrounding nearby planets.

Heavens Above, Site 1792105 (OLT) - astronomy and satellite events, localized to Valley View Hot Springs

Space Weather - meteor showers, solar weather, and aurora sightings


All Night Soaking

Year round, our overnight guests can soak comfortably under the stars all night. All spaces remain open through the night. We maintain minimal artificial light and recommend having a flashlight ready well before dusk. Most visitors are surprised how comfortably they can soak for hours. Do please keep a low voice out of respect for others sleeping in nearby tents and cabins.

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including natural and biologic resources, agricultural lands, wildlife habitat,
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for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.