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The Orient Land Trust is a non-profit land trust created around Valley View Hot Springs, its unique culture and environment.

With the Orient Mine and Everson Ranch, we now protect 2,200 acres, its wildlife corridor, pristine spring waters, hiking trails, rustic cabins, and camping. Visitors of all ages and walks of life enjoy free educational programs, clothing-optional naturist open space, geothermal warmth, hydroelectric energy, and Colorado's largest bat colony.  Read more...

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Member Appreciation Weekend

This is our chance to say Thank You! to all OLT members. Members only, no capacity limit. No member turned away. Expect lots of people. Don't bring non-member friends, unless they want to become a member, this is the only weekend that is members only. Music, food, pools, and summer. Member Appreciation Weekend is August 12 and 13 this year. The band on Friday night is Todd Johnson & Breaking…
Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Science Camp Recap

Science Camp 2016! was July 24th through July 28th. We had 18 kids, ages 4 through 13 who camped with us for the week-long program. Our goal was to create awareness of environmental issues, resource sustainability, land and habitat conservation. To give our youth the opportunity to experience this unique environment, to expand their knowledge of the natural world through our educational programs and to instill a sense of stewardship…
Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Nature Conservancy

Our partners in conservation, the Nature Conservancy, did their annual monitoring July 28 and 29. The experience of walking around the ranch, meanders, and hot springs is interesting and enlightening. The meanders this year look especially healthy. We were able to get more water to the riparian area by installing a by-pass around the hydroelectric plant. Thanks to volunteer Jim for the design and welding! The informal, unofficial report is…
Orient Land Trust is proud to present a Ranch Celebration Event on October 1, 2016. Hosted by OLT staff, External Affairs Committee members and volunteers we invite you to join us at the Historic Everson Ranch for our open house tours and special Harvest Dinner Concert & Dance. Register now online. Tickets for the dinner and concert are $50 per adult, $25 for minors aged 13-17 and there is no…
The annual outreach meeting of the OLT Board of Directors is Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. All are welcome to attend in-person or online. The meeting will be held at the hot springs Pavilion once again this year and lunch will be provided. Come and join the meeting and meet the board members! Download the Agenda and Information Packet Follow this and all our Board…
Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Science Camp 2016!

Our project goals are to create awareness of environmental issues, resource sustainability, land and habitat conservation. To give our youth the opportunity to experience this unique environment, to expand their knowledge of the natural world through our educational programs and to instill a sense of stewardship and personal responsibility. Science Camp is July 24th through the 28th. Our Kids Science Camp encompasses all of our educational programs including bat, hydro-electric,…
Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Educational Tours

We are offering nightly Bat and Astronomy Tours along with a campfire & s'mores! Yes, s'mores are not educational... but they sure are fun! Saturday and on request; Everson Ranch Tours, Hydro and Geology Tours are also available. There is no charge for any of our Tours! Please register at the Welcome Center. Bat Tours began on the 13th of June and have reached their full numbers as of the…


01/26/2019 9:00 am - 3:45 pm


04/20/2019 9:00 am - 3:30 pm


5:00 pm 07/12/2019 - 12:00 pm 07/14/2019


07/20/2019 9:00 am - 3:30 pm


10/19/2019 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

  • Naturism by Neil & Terry Seitz, FoundersHistory of Naturism at OLT
  • Words of Wisdom by Neil & Terry Seitz, FoundersSharing experience and wisdom that helped sustain this special place through the decades.

Orient Land Trust is a nonprofit land trust 
dedicated to the preservation of Valley View Hot Springs (VVHS) and its viewshed—
including natural and biologic resources, agricultural lands, wildlife habitat, 
open space, and historic and geologic features of the northern San Luis Valley—
for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.


  • Dedication to inclusiveness and the public good
  • Accountability to a diverse public community and maintaining their trust
  • Social and environmental justice beyond mandates
  • Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals and nature
  • Embracing naturism through practice and education
  • Modeling collaborative pluralism, transparency, integrity and honesty
  • Pledging excellence and responsibility in stewarding resources
  • Encouraging lifelong learning


  • Visitor Space Protection and Management: Maintain and protect Valley View Hot Springs as an affordable, peaceful and family-friendly clothing-optional recreational facility that enhances the visitor experience year round.
  • Conservation and Preservation: Follow the highest possible standards for land preservation, agricultural practices, and energy and water conservation.
  • Research and Education: Facilitate scientific research around OLT resources, and promote educational programs and activities suitable for adults and children.
  • Staff Development and Community Relations: Maintain OLT as a responsible citizen of the San Luis Valley.