Tuesday, September 8th, 2015


This summer we were able to almost triple the acreage of the irrigated hayfields. The yield was extra good thanks to plentiful rain through the growing season. The first 8 acres we harvested was done by a local custom hay operator, as was done last year. The remaining acreage and the second cutting of the alfalfa field was done with OLT's own swather and baler. The swather, donated by our partner in cattle grazing, Arrowpoint Cattle Company, had to be extensively repaired and rebuilt yet was still much less expensive than paying someone else. The baler, also donated by Arrowpoint, required some repair that was less costly than the work done on the swather. It was with mixed feelings that we surveyed the finished product; a hayfield dotted with small bales. The rows of little bales in the bright sun were lovely to see, but we also realized we were back to lifting and stacking hay by hand. Are we too old for this? Or, is this what keeps us young?

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