Bodywork and Massage at OLT

OLT is Not Offering Massage and Bodywork Services at this Time. Stay Tuned. We'll Let You Know When Bodywork Services Resume.

Massage Therapists

 CynthiaNielsenCynthia L. Nielsen - Bodywork, Yoga, Watsu (OLT Bodywork Coordinator)

(email) 719-298-0360

"...bodywork that settles the mind and touches the heart..."

Cynthia is an intuitive Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor & Water Being.
Call to discuss which therapy fits you best. Modalities offered:
   Watsu, myofacial, trigger point therapy, Hot River Rocks, scalp massage,
   Hand-crafted essential salves & reflexology.
~Sign Up for WiseWomen Yoga Retreats as they fill up quickly~
~Private and Semi-Private Yoga classes offered Spring & Summer~

Anita PoushanAnita Poushan - Massage Therapist


Anita offers integrated massage therapy combining shiatsu, swedish, reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy & hydrotherapy. Trained at the Crestone Healing Arts Center she plays with the intersection of western physiology & traditional eastern lineages of body work offering a holistic approach to massage. Her treatments help to amplify each individual bodies unique self-healing abilities.


 Jane AdorneyJane Adorney - Massage Therapist


Jane's passion for bodywork has continued to grow during the 24 years she has been practicing. As a student of mindfulness, she values being present and deep listening, both to the needs and wants of her clients, and to the body's more subtle ways of communication. Jane has an intuitive, nurturing and hands on approach. Her modalities include deep tissue, swedish, aromatherapy. chakra balancing, reiki and hot stone massage. She creates her own organic lotions and oil blends.

 Steve FillenbergSteve Fillenberg - Massage Therapist


Steve brings over 30 years of hands on experience, both in the United States and Europe. He incorporates many massage modalities into his work, including neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, trigger point, structural realignment and energetic therapies. Over the years he has worked alongside medical doctors pre and post surgery, and has been able to help his clients navigate pain relief, stress related issues and trauma. Steve's experience as a teacher of Tai Chi and Chi Kung has also helped him cultivate a keen sense of a person's energy flow and body dynamics.

 Suzanne RougeSuzanne Rouge - BSE Certified Reflexologist


Reflexology is acupressure on feet, hands and ears. It induces deep relaxation, increases circulation and clears neuropathways. Creating an alignment with the natural world, Suzanne reads auras, uses sacred numerology, medicine wheel insights, and elemental breathwork to bring the body into balance. Her mission is to teach people how to heal themselves.



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