Natural Rock Ponds

Natural rock ponds with warm waters bubbling directly through the gravel below. Visitors are immersed in nature along with the birds and wildlife. These all-natural ponds are delicately built up with rock retaining walls. The soaking pond is 4 feet deep, whereas others ponds fill to just about 2 feet deep.

All areas are clothing-optional at all times. There is no artificial light in these areas allowing for great star-gazing.

These waters generally range from 93° to 107° (body temperature) depending on the pond and season.

Top Ponds

Our most remote ponds are up a short, but steep trail. Most take about twenty minutes to trek the ¼ mile trail to the Top Ponds. Guests agree these peaceful, bubbling warm waters make it the trip well worthwhile. It's a series of three (almost four) ponds flowing one into the next. The top-most pond fills about two feet deep and offers ample space to find a corner to one's self. It's water cascades down to join more warm source water beneath a large tree providing shade throughout the day. Water temperatures vary dramatically as these ponds mix with more snow-melt and runoff than our other sources. In recent months, temperatures ranged from 98°F to 107°F.

San Luis Valley viewed from Top Ponds - Ron James Lower Top Pond - Teresa Seitz Couple Enjoying the Top Ponds in 2013 - Doug Bates Top Ponds in winter snow - Doug Bates Top Ponds in winter snow - Doug Bates Lower Top Pond - Doug Bates View from the Lower Top Pond - Doug Bates

Soaking Pond

Our largest and deepest rock pond is just a few hundred feet past the cabins and sauna making a convenient get-away. At 4 feet deep and __ feet across, the Soaking Pond offers ample water for you and your friends. Nestled among the trees and wildlife, its easy to just relax and float away. Large smooth rocks provide natural seating within the pond. Water temperatures generally range between 95°F to 97°F with the warmest waters near the back wall.

Soaking Pond - Doug Bates, Orient Land Trust Winter Snow at Soaking Pond - Lisa Nagle Soaking Pond - Doug Bates, Orient Land Trust Lennon memorial - Doug Bates, Orient Land Trust Lennon memorial - Lisa Nagle

Waterfall Pond

Warm water falls from above into this cozy pond allowing guests an exhilerating water massage. It's rock wall stretches __ feet across and holds warm water about a foot and half deep. Temperatures tend to run between 95°F and 97°F.

Winter at Waterfall Pond - SONY DSC - Carl Sue Henrikson Waterfall Pond - Doug Bates Waterfall Pond - Doug Bates Winter snow at Soaking Pond - Jerry Kaiser Cozy toes in winter at Waterfall Pond - Kaitlin Boyd-Ganoung Family Waterfall Pond - Teresa Seitz

Meadow Pond

A boardwalk guides visitors into a delicate wetland, home to our Meadow Pond. From this unique vantage, guests can take in not only one of our most expansive views of the valley, but also a thriving ecosystem of plants, animals, and environment. This small remote pond tends to be a bit cooler with temperatures between 91°F and 94°F.

Meadow Pond - Teresa Seitz Protective Decking at the Meadow Pond - Handcrafted Railings at Meadow Pond - Doug Bates Meadow Pond in winter snow - Doug Bates



For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.