Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Financial Sustainability

This year we have had to make a priority out of doing some long due upgrading. We have had to build another employee cabin to house Mike and Cherrye, who will help to fill the huge void left by Neil and Terry's retirement. We are completely revamping the electrical system to allow us to continue to operate under drought conditions, which look like they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Four years ago we were producing 60 KWs, today we are lucky to get 38. And to do that we've had to hire two electrical specialists, Eric and Scott. The old waste water treatment facility is almost a thing of the past, by next summer, due to our State mandated new waste water treatment facility, you will neither hear nor smell the wastes of the village being treated. Finally, those old pests the bedbugs have necessitated complete remodeling of the cabins, which we started last year. We have taken the opportunity while remodeling to replace electric heat with geothermal, in-floor heating, which lowers the load on the electricity system. But, tackling all these necessary projects has put a huge load on the budget. We last raised prices four years ago and while we hate to do it, we have found it necessary to do so again in order to remain sustainable for the long run. We are doing an analysis of our pricing in comparison with other hot springs and within the context of our financial needs and will be implementing a new pricing system the day after Memorial Day. So visit soon to take advantage of our old prices. Thank you so much for your understanding that these increases are absolutely necessary in order to continue to operate under legal mandates and in a manner that is healthy, safe, and aesthetically acceptable to our cherished visitors. Thank you so much for your understanding!

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