Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Fine Art: Painting Workshop - July 28-31

Presented by Orient Land Trust
and Artist Jude Bischoff

Join this four day intensive painting workshop covering composition, drawing and painting techniques that will have you making beautiful paintings with no pre-planning or preconceived ideas.  Jude believes in letting art flow from your soul like water from a mountain spring.

July 28 through July 31, 2013

All paint and materials included, for more information contact Jude at 760-668-9408

View Jude’s work at

The incredibly beautiful Orient Land Trust’s Everson Ranch and Valley View Hot Springs will be the setting for our painting workshop.  Our work will focus on the rustic ranch house, the sweeping open plains and mountains of the Northern San Luis Valley and the flowing and scenic waters of the creeks, hot springs and pools.  This workshop is for beginner through professional artists.  You will experience painting techniques and methods you can bring to your home or studio. We will be working with acrylic paint.

Day 1 Sunday July 28th: We begin at 10 am after soaking and breakfast and immediately get paint on our hands.  Please wear clothes you do not mind getting painted.  We will be discussing composition and texture on large 4 ft x 4 ft canvases. You will be divided into groups of up to 5 people depending on the attendance to create beautiful art on a horizontal plane. After lunch we will focus on plein air painting.  Each participant will get three 24x30 inch canvases to work on over the next three days.  Please bring along two or three pieces of your finished art for critique and discussion.  Beginners just come ready to learn.

Day 2 Monday July 29th:  We will be drawing on large pads of paper with markers. The morning session will discuss line and practice various forms of line work that we will later incorporate into our paintings.   After lunch we will study the flowing water and natural forms around the springs. You will also have the option of starting your second painting. 

Day 3 Tuesday July 30th:  The morning session will begin with life drawing around the springs.  The models will be in semi motion so you can better capture their essence rather than focusing on a pre-planned idea of what they should look like.  You will be using both your drawing pads and your third canvas. Remember drawing skills are not important, what is important is that you come with an open mind. After lunch we will incorporate these drawings and exercises into your paintings.

Day 4 Wednesday July 31st: This day will be devoted to working on your paintings in an open forum.  I will meet with each of you individually throughout the day to discuss your work, goals and techniques. I will also give a group talk on the business of selling your art.  Evening after dinner will be a camp fire (if fire restrictions allow) and recap of our workshop. 

Evenings and in between sessions there will be time for quiet reflection, music and exploration of this amazing landscape. 

Cost $449.00

Paypal or check:
Jude Bischoff, PO Box 1202 Cedar Ridge, CA. 95924

No refunds after June 15th 

Book soon, group is limited to 12 participants and Valley View Hot Springs fills up quickly!

Participants are responsible for booking their own accommodations and supplying their own food and drink during the workshop.  Orient Land Trust 719-256-5212

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