Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Cooking without Crowds

Summer Food Storage Cabin Summer Food Storage Cabin Doug Bates

Ever try to squeeze into the Oak House kitchen on a busy evening?

Many have asked about the cabin we positioned next to the pavilion. Last summer, it served as a trading post. But this summer, we'll be opening it for campers to store food and prepare meals with the nearby grills. We'll add a couple communal refrigerators and room to stow coolers inside keeping any curious bears away. Spring water will be available for drinking and cooking. When done, dishes can always be cleaned with sinks at the main bath. It's not perfect, but it should help keep the Oak House less cluttered and easier for everyone to share.

Eventually, we'll move it from this temporary position to a permanent site. A number of options are being considered. We're also reviewing many exciting and innovative suggestions to better accomodate the community's cooking and other needs, year round.

We hope this eases the crunch at Oak House and makes the cabin's present position a bit more palatable for the time being.  


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