Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Long-term Volunteer's a Boon to OLT

Finding a volunteer that has the right mix of strong communication skills, a knowledge of conflict management, a positive attitude and a thorough knowledge of Valley View culture, is not that easy to find. That's why this summer season, we're lucky to have two guys that possess all of the above virtues, and more. Plus, they have committed to perform Camp Host duties for the entire summer!

Camp Host Dave Hendricks acts as an assistant Volunteer Coordinator, monitoring volunteers and keeping them on task, giving various engaging talks on Saturday nights, as well as serving as a full-time ambassador for the organization. Camp Host Kevin O'Donnell provides orientation to guests, monitors a fire at the pavilion on weekend nights, as well as doing some light-duty tasks at the Welcome Center during the day. This frees up our busy front desk staff to complete the myriad tasks that keep Valley View running smoothly.

The volunteer Camp Host position is a "working vacation' for these dedicated folks. They are expected to be on-call, via 2-way radio, 24 hours a day/seven days a week; including weekends and holidays. Sure, they get to sit in the pools and mingle with guests as part of their job description, but they could be summoned by staff at any time day or night; to help a visitor find the correct accommodation, re-supply the ice freezer, unclog a shower drain, jump a car battery, or perform a hundred other tasks, as needed.

So, the expertise required of our valued Camp Host's and the extensive training required to orient them to their responsibilities, necessitates that they commit to a longer stay. The continuity this affords provides a better experience for our guests and makes life easier for our small staff, as well.

If you only have a week or two that you can commit to volunteer here, then we've got several other host opportunities that might work for you. Please complete an OLT Volunteer Application and drop it off at the front desk. If your skills meet our needs, you'll be hearing from us.

As always, thanks for your interest in volunteering at OLT/Valley View Hot Springs!

by David Beaulieu, Visitor Services Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

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