Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Let's Party for OLT

John and Mark kicking up the party at the Oak House John and Mark kicking up the party at the Oak House Doug Bates

Do you like to host parties and events? Do you belong to a private club, civic organization or have an "in" with a unique venue that could host an OLT themed fundraising event for little or no cost? We would also like to find hosts on the Front Range and in Colorado and New Mexico who could hold a benefit event for OLT.

Dan Jones is hosting a small Garden Party near Taos next month. This is going to be a wonderful event featuring Dan's unique Zero Energy home and gardens, all to benefit OLT's Wastewater Treatment campaign. We are hoping to gather folks in south Denver and elsewhere for events like last April's dinner with John Fielder. However, we need affordable venues to raise funds. Another idea we are looking at is a Vegan / Oriental cooking class with a professional chef. For this, we'd need a commercial kitchen or private home, again as a benefit for our WWTF campaign.

We'd welcome any ideas for fundraising events you and your friends might want to host. Staff can help with promotion and outreach materials. Help us create more community-building fundraisers with unique settings and minimal costs. Call Pam Nelson, Director of Development, at 719-298-2289 to share your ideas.

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