Thursday, August 6th, 2015

“Everson Ranch Goodness”

Everson Ranch Goodness brand Everson Ranch Goodness brand Geneva Mixon

Brand launched with new products!

OLT's Everson Ranch now has its own brand name and logo thanks to the creativity of Geneva Mixon (OLT's recent Board Chair), Cherrye Williams (OLT"s Office Manager), and Mike O'Donal (Everson Ranch Manager). The idea for the label name, "Everson Ranch Goodness", germinated with Mike and Cherrye. Geneva captured the concept in a wonderful new logo depicting the ranch and its role at OLT. The "Everson Ranch Goodness" label encompasses all the wonderful products already being produced from OLT's Everson Ranch - grass and organically fed beef, pork and eggs. The most recent addition to the "Everson Ranch Goodness" line is our selection of pork sausage, ham steaks and pork chops. Our large, black exotic pigs are known for their pedigree - they are considered "heritage" hogs. They retain the traits of their ancestors that lived on the pastures and woods of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. Hardy animals, they are able to handle the cold and heat and can effectively convert pasture and goodies found in our fields and woods into nutrition. Their pork is micromarbled, has a deliciously Old World flavor and might arguably be considered the best pork available. Future plans for the "Everson Ranch Goodness" line of products include honey, potatoes, and garden vegetables.

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