Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Granting Wishes

What do you love about Valley View? Thank you Artful Dancer for this beautiful poem which describes how so many of us feel and to Scott Rappold who captures the light, energy and colors in his beautiful photographs.

Granting Wishes

  The way the mist rises over the pools in the early morning. The serenity.
     The way burdens fall off there. The grace of the oaks.
        The view of course. The hail hitting the pools.
  The shiny crystalline magical things kids throw into the pools.
 The trail that leads North and around the corner to who knows where…...more North.
         The sauna rocks like no other in America that I have been in.
 The staff. The trust. The concept. The deer. The oak house. The ahhhhhhhhh!
       The safe haven feeling. Welcome Home.
    I love Valley View, miss Valley View.
Want to recreate my own Valley View every where I go.
 Personally, every time for me, what brings me back is that lovely, lovely ahhhhhhh!

— ArtfulDancer

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