Thursday, August 23rd, 2018


Rainbow over the Orient Mine Rainbow over the Orient Mine John Lorenz

We've been relishing the rain. Even brief showers help to ease the anxious tension from so many dry months. Saguache County has ended the fire ban. However, we ask that you use only propane or gas stoves and grills. No open fires or charcoal grills are permitted anywhere. As always, smoking is restricted to inside the Smoke Hut or inside your vehicle. This is for everyone's safety and to show our respect for those who do not smoke. None of our guidelines are arbitrary. They are the result of careful thought and are meant to provide an atmosphere that works for all with minimal impact. This is a guideline that has evolved over many years. There are many people who have contributed to establishing and maintaining this guideline. We appreciate everyone who has accepted their responsibility in this regard and have demonstrated that we can coexist harmoniously. Thank you for smoking only at the Smoke Hut or inside your vehicle.

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