Tuesday, February 12th, 2019


Cedar Cabin in Winter Cedar Cabin in Winter

It has been a snowy winter with temperatures colder than the mild weather we enjoyed in January of 2018. Snow capped peaks are a positive indicator for more water this summer. However, the volume of water we have coming from the springs is about a third less than average and much lower than 2018. This results in less electricity from the hydroelectric generator, which means less electrically heated water for the heated pools. We are still able to heat the sauna to normal levels and other electrical use has not been compromised much. However, the heated pools are not as hot as they were last year.

Use electricity conservatively to maximize what is available for the heated pools. Be prepared for lower water temperatures in the heated pools. With snow cover, air temperatures, especially at night, are cold so bring appropriate clothing. Interestingly, the top pools are holding higher than usual temperatures but the path can be slippery. Wear shoes or boots with good traction and use anti-slip devices to be more sure footed.

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