Monday, April 6th, 2020

Call to Action

Board of Directors Board of Directors Rosie Rosenberg


Dear Community Member,

We miss you!

Today, we extend our unwavering love and appreciation to each of you as we navigate the new COVID-19 reality. OLT does not conduct many fundraisers because everyone is always very generous. The present epidemic everyone is grappling with has us asking for your help once again. Now more than ever, we miss your smiles, and the sights and sounds of visitors along the paths, the music jams in the Oak House, and the conscious community that has flourished here and nourished us over the years.

Recently, one of you shared with us the thought below from beloved author Glennon Doyle:

"One day this is going to be overcan you imagine that day? How we'll come out into the sun and laugh and hug and sing and dance and hold hands? I'm living for that day. It'll be like nothing we've experienced before, sharing space together again. Hopefully, this time: as a united community."

No one knows how all of this will turn out, or the ramifications and future impact on society. Every day is uncharted territory. In the decades that Valley View Hot Springs has been here, our mission is steadfast: Conserve, preserve, educate, and provide an opening for the kind of conscious, community-oriented, natural gathering place that fosters connection, joyous co-existence, and peace.

With the closure of the springs in March, we are experiencing a significant loss of revenue. March, April, and May account for just under a third of OLT's annual income. In the past few weeks, we have experienced a steady stream of kindness: texts, phone calls, and thoughtful comments on social media. Our hands are to our hearts for your financial donations as well.

To those inquiring about OLT staff, know that we are dedicated to each of our staff members, many of whom you have come to know well over the years. The Board has repeated its commitment that we will continue to pay their salaries and healthcare insurance. This is our mission. These are our teammates, friends, and neighbors. We would be lost without them. Your help now will help us take care of the staff and will help us maintain the hot springs, preserve the land for your return, and continue to assist in the local community.

For those wishing to make a general donation to help our staff and preserve our hot springs and other lands, we thank you immensely. Please click below or call 719‑256‑4315 to donate. 

Donate Today

We appreciate each and every donation. We cannot thank you often enough. We look forward to thanking you again in person.OLT Staff in Gratitude 2020

With your continued support, OLT will carry on the work of preserving and protecting this amazing place and the experiences it offers. We aspire to good stewardship of the pools, the wildlife, and the land for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Thank you again for being a thoughtful community that demonstrates dedication to the value of looking out for each other. We are encouraged by your generous support. We look forward to the day we will see you all again.

Warm Regards,
The External Affairs Committee on behalf of OLT Staff and the Board of Directors

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For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.