Friday, May 28th, 2021

Sharing Pools and Ponds

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OLT's Response to the Latest CDC, Colorado State and Local Health Department Guidelines, Effective May 28, 2021 

Office Hours: 

Our office is open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for reservations. 
Guest check-in time is: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, accommodations are guaranteed by 4:00 pm. 
Guests check out from accommodation and hot springs at 12:00 noon. 
Gates are closed at 9:00 pm and there is no admittance until 1:00 pm the following day. 

Valley View Hot Springs reopened on August 3, 2020 after being closed for four months due to the pandemic. We adjusted our guidelines in February this year in response to the winter temperatures and COVID19 situation. We are happy to report that we are now looking at changes based on the latest CDC, state and local health department guidelines. As more of us have chosen to be vaccinated, outdoor temperatures are warming and the risk of outdoor exposure to COVID19 in our environment at the hot springs is low for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests alike, our guidelines will now include the following:

  • We will continue to recognize reduced overall capacity, closures of communal spaces like the sauna, Welcome Center and will update when we can safely make adjustments.
  • We will continue to be open to guests staying overnight only, but if we are successful in the following guidelines, we hope to offer limited numbers of day passes soon.
  • Staff and Guests will not be required to be vaccinated and so we are sharing space with those that are vaccinated and those that are not. All spaces that are open will be open to all guests.
  • No sign in board at heated pools
  • Guests will be responsible to monitor their pool use as far as the number of people in specific pools are concerned (with physical distancing in mind) so even more sensitivity to others will be necessary to share the space in ways that make fellow guests comfortable and do not cause negative impacts for others.
  • Remember many of your fellow guests would still like to enjoy soaking alone.
  • Sharing space in the pools and ponds with other guests outside your reservation and household is now possible (with physical distancing in mind) and will be up to guests themselves to negotiate as their own comfort level dictates. This has always been an important component of the sharing culture at OLT.
  • Be aware of spending too much time in the smaller pools and ponds so all guests have opportunities to soak in a way they would like and be open to communicating your needs as others are responsible for doing the same. Again, this has always been an important aspect of the Valley View culture.
  • We continue to encourage adherence to quiet hours, refraining from inappropriate sexual activity and drunkenness.
  • Mask use outdoors is not required, but still encouraged around others.

Membership is required to make an advanced reservation. Depending on the benefits of your membership level you can reserve one, two or three months in advance. Non-members can reserve 24 hours in advance.

Please read our Covid Guidelines before calling and making a reservation. Many things have changed since the pandemic, so be proactive and prepared before you visit. Not all of our COVID guidelines are consistent with our community values which have evolved over the years, but we value your cooperation in taking steps to a fuller expression of those values, under the circumstances. Again, your cooperation is crucial to our being open and we appreciate your support. See the new COVID Guidelines below.

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