Friday, August 6th, 2021

Board Musings - July 2021

Sunflowers at Valley View Sunflowers at Valley View John Lorenz

From July 2021 Board Meeting

I am starting this report the week that the CDC has issued new pandemic guidelines for Americans. Welcome news to many, being able to recognize one another outside again is a real treat. There are those of us who are still very cautious, understandably. Variants, fewer than 50% of Americans vaccinated, and politics rather than public health concerns drive much of the dialog.

Personally, being older, immune compromised by a variety of age related vagrancies and vaccinated, I feel finally able to reengage with humanity. Jane and I are recognizing that after 18 months of being relatively isolated, even on a few trips, that we are now seeing that once again we are mingling. Eating out. Listening to live music. Getting back to this new normal.

Before I go too much further, I want to acknowledge those of you who have been donating to OLT throughout this pandemic - Thank You.

Visiting Valley View and the Everson Ranch continues to be a special treat. With the modest increase in the daily capacity and even a few day passes now and then, the characteristic sense of community is back. New visitors, kids, cooking in the pavilion and discussions around the picnic tables have returned with a force. Even though all is not the same - sauna closed and masks indoors - the feeling I get when I visit is the same it was before. My "plague neuroses" are finally fading.

I also thank our staff. They have been able to hold together and in fact improve this special place. Even with the reduced capacity and fewer staff, OLT is financially sound. Also fewer people and vehicles continue to let the land breathe. You really will hear more birds, see more critters and larger expanses of aquatic and terrestrial flowers.

One last thought. Your Board is alive and well and committees are meeting. The variety of opportunities to get involved are numerous. Those folks who may be interested in joining the Board at some time will find that joining one or more of our committees or task forces is insightful as well as helpful.

Respectfully Submitted,
Martin Jolley
Chair, Orient Land Trust Board of Directors

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