Monday, November 15th, 2021


Snow covered pool Snow covered pool Dan Fleming

December is a time when many people plan to spend time with family and celebrate holidays. Last year, Valley View was open for most of December because we were closed for more than four months due to Covid-19. This year, we will return to our normal December schedule. We will be closed from December 1st - 28th. For the first 2 weeks (December 1st through the 16th), members can call to make a reservation and voice mail messages will be returned. We will not be checking messages or returning calls from December 17th - 26th so don't leave a message during this time. On December 27, we will again answer the phones and return calls. On December 29, we will reopen. 

Although the virus has altered our numbers and reduced some of the amenities that we all enjoy, we have weathered 2021 more comfortably than we expected. The contagious virus is surging yet again as of mid-November and it looks like we will all be making adjustments. The uncertainties call for a degree of caution. We are looking at keeping the visitor numbers reduced but hope to be able to provide cooking utensils and dishes once again. Depending on the indicators, there may be other amenities that we can affordably and safely provide. 

Thank you for your support and your patience. We have preferred to err on the side of being extra careful while keeping requirements at a minimum. There is a broad range of opinion and belief throughout the world and Valley View visitors also reflect this wide range. 

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