Friday, March 11th, 2022

Douglas County Residents

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Attention residents of Douglas County. Do you value Valley View Hot Springs and Orient Land Trust? Do you question and challenge the Renewable Water Resources (RWR) proposal to take water from the San Luis Valley and pipe it to provide water for growth in your county? Your voice matters. The Douglas County commissioners want to hear from YOU in regards to the Renewable Water Resources (RWR) proposal. People across the Valley and around the state are joining together to fight the proposal that would export water from the San Luis Valley to Douglas County. Our goal is to send over 1,000 letters from people like you who care about the Valley, our public lands and maintaining intact ecosystems. Send them an email or a letter with your thoughts. Join in the struggle for common sense! Douglas County residents have more influence on the county commissioners. Write letters to the Commissioners, or to Newspapers in the form of Letters to the Editor.

Douglas County Commissioners have already received many letters from Douglas County citizens supporting the RWR proposal and the use of ARPA funds for increasing the Douglas County water supply. If you value the time you spend in the San Luis Valley and want to protect this high desert valley and its scant water, your voice can make a difference.

We are in the public comment phase that Douglas County has begun, so it is imperative that they hear from everyone that has concerns and especially residents of Douglas County.
You have every right to weigh in on this issue.

If you have concerns, please contact OLT with any questions.

The goal of the water protecting organizations in the Valley is to have people write and deliver 1,000 letters to Douglas County from all over the state by March 15th.

Also, we will be requesting from all our members to send a copy to us, at , so we can keep a ball park record of what letters are coming in.

Thanks so much; every individual effort that may seem like a small bit accumulates.

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