Thursday, August 18th, 2022

What has been happening at the Everson Ranch lately?

Permaculture Workshop 2022 Permaculture Workshop 2022 Sabine Borchers

In May a group of volunteers celebrated the international World Naked Gardening Day at the Everson Ranch. Finding the information through the OLT newsletter, volunteers that had joined the event before, had never been to the ranch and/ or to the hot springs before were eager to help in any attire. We had a window of about 2 hours to plant and weed before the relentless wind, typical for this time of the year, started. Mary, our 2 week ranch volunteer who loves to feed people, prepared a wonderful lunch with produce from the garden, which we shared on our shady and wind protected porch. Thank you for joining and making this again a fun event. Please come back next in 2023 and bring a friend or two! (see 2 pictures)

In June and July we had three workshops as part of the evolving educational program at the Everson Ranch to support OLT's mission of lifelong learning. Local "Chef Chu" showed all the different ways of preparing meals with tumbleweed (also known as Russian Thistle). The participants enjoyed Tumbleweed Cream Soup, Fu Yung and Frittata all made with Russian Thistle. We will never look at Tumbleweed in the same way again! (see picture)

In the second workshop, the participants in a fun group effort, harvested the dandelions in the garden. Miriam, a former 2 week Everson Ranch volunteer and returning guest speaker, showed us how to use the different parts of the plant to make tea out of the flower, roast the roots or saute the leaves. At the end we shared a meal made with dandelions that only a dandelion wine could have topped the fabulous meal. (see picture). Bonita, also a former volunteer at the ranch, shared again her knowledge about bees, how they were being challenged and how we could be helpful human allies to these important pollinators. Guests from the hot springs, neighbors and volunteers brought many of their questions while we were sampling honey.

June has also been the month that inviable Cottonwood trees are being trimmed or pruned to ensure their continued growth and make a safe zone for guests to visit in the future.(see picture)

As every year, the tent was set up in June for events. (see picture)

Another highlight was the 3 days Permaculture workshop, taught by two experts in the field. The participants camped at the ranch and were introduced to permaculture concepts while engaging them in the actual design process of the Everson Ranch. (see two pictures)

World Naked Gardening Day - Sabine Borchers World Naked Gardening Day - Sabine Borchers Chef Chu cooking with tumbleweeds and dandelions - Sabine Borchers Cooking with dandelions - Sabine Borchers Chef Chu cooking with tumbleweeds and dandelions - Sabine Borchers Bees on Sunflower - Sabine Borchers Cottonwood trees - Sabine Borchers Event tent at Everson Ranch - Sabine Borchers  - Sabine Borchers Permaculture Workshop 2022 - Sabine Borchers

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