Monday, February 20th, 2023

The Emperor’s Clothes

Nude figure among ice blown yucca Nude figure among ice blown yucca

As part of our educational outreach, Orient Land Trust has partnered with a photographer on a project focused on people. It is a long standing practice of OLT to discourage snapshots of people around the hot springs for several reasons - some are concerned about privacy, some just would rather not have to be concerned with a photographer present in our natural and scenic environment. For this project, we are taking steps to keep the location confidential and only photograph people who give their express consent to participate. We have a few samples from the photographer demonstrating the quality and artistry that recommends this idea. We believe that these photographs will be treasured and admired. We can see the possibility of a gallery exhibition and maybe a collectible book. Our intention for this project is to contribute to the education of clothing optional choices and the benefits available as well as record some of the people that support and value this place. There was once a photo montage in the living room at Oak House that members and guests enjoyed and gave people a glimpse of good times and familiar faces in and around the hot springs. This project might have similar appeal to many of us.

The photographer is a talented and professional imagemaker who is taking time during small breaks from their consistent work to photograph at Valley View. Just as we value your privacy and hold it to the utmost standard, the identity of the photographer will remain anonymous until serious photo or donor applicants are in place.

The artist's writes:

"There is a hidden but beloved retreat nestled in the remote mountains of the American West. Its waters are a magnet for those searching for retreat, renewal, respite and redemption. The individual that seeks out a hot spring is a certain type. Adventurous, uninhibited, open. They are drawn by a search for a place that affords them the external expression of an internal quest for freedom. Freedom of self-expression. Freedom from judgment. This photo essay is a visual representation of the human spirit coming as close as it can to leaving the body. Casting off stifling societal vestments in favor of garments composed of their royal humanity. They choose instead to walk in the Emperor's Clothes."

If you are interested in this project, either as a subject for the photographer or in helping support the cost of pursuing this creation, please contact: Doug Bishop, email address .

Nude figure among ice blown yucca - Nude figure in nature -

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