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Garbage and Recycling Center Garbage and Recycling Center Robin Rosenberg

Part of preparing your own food instead of eating at a restaurant or just eating ready to eat foods, is the inevitable food waste. There are discarded peels, rinds, cobs, bits that you cut away, and other remnants of the food preparation process. There are also leftovers. Some of the uneaten food can't be realistically saved. What do you do with food scraps - garbage? When you are home, you can do what you like. Use the garbage disposal, compost those scraps, or throw them in the trash bin. However, when you are staying at the hot springs, there are a few considerations that help us. First, there is no garbage disposal. Second, if you throw food in the trash cans you are attracting many woodland and desert creatures. The smell of food in the trash cans attracts animals such as deer, squirrels, insects, and bears. Third, responsible use of our food resource includes recycling food waste. At OLT we use the waste to feed chickens and pigs. They relish the garbage that could become a dangerous nuisance if put in a compost heap or stuffed in a trash bin. Our garbage is fed to the animals. Please don't put plastic bags, paper products, or containers in with the garbage, This only makes unpleasant work for the person feeding the animals. We don't want the chickens to learn to peck eggshells so it helps if you keep those out of the garbage buckets. Thank you for helping us "Keep a Clean Camp."

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